Angelic Magick: A guide to angelic beings and how to walk with them

Lose yourself in a world of enchantment and angels with Judith Page’s Angelic Beings. This selection of visualisations is inspired by classical grimoire imagery and Qabalistic philosophies. Embark on journey after journey into the symbolic realms of the archangels, experiencing the symbols and sacred imagery associated with each one before encountering it.

angelic magickPage’s writing gently layers visualisations, making each one stronger than the one before. By the end of the read the aspirant will have been guided slowly through Heaven’s seven circles, connecting with the governing archangel of each one.

The read will familiarise aspirants with the images, seals and symbols encountered in the Solomonic and other advanced systems used for summoning angels.

Angelic Magick is a gentle guide to making first contact with angels, and avoids the common summoning ceremonies designed to lure an angel down to the physical plane (a practice common with the grimoires). Judith Page recommends this practice to those who wish to work with and contact angels, including Solomonic practitioners. This useful guide also includes thoughtful rituals for submitting questions to angels during times of need, and the steps outlined can serve as a simple bridge between starting out and becoming adept at the practice of summoning angels.

Angelic Magick: A Guide to Angelic Beings and How to Walk With them
Judith Page (Preface by Aaron Leitch)
ISBN: 978-1-906958-47-3
Format: paperback
Price: £12.99/$23

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