Evidence of the Gods, are you ready to be convinced?

evidence of the godsWhile many search for the answers to the big questions in the present and future, Erich Von Daniken takes a step back in time as he seeks proof of the Gods, looking at history and what it tells us.

Prepare to be fascinated by one of the world’s most successful authors as he holds a spiritual magnifying glass to everything you knew about where we came from.

Have you ever stopped and wondered how it is that rock paintings and carvings tend to depict the same beliefs through time, no matter where in the world they were discovered? Did our ancestors know something we’ve since lost or were they capable of being transported long before technology enabled it?

Erich’s look at the evidence of Gods throughout history is brave and challenging, and no matter what you believe it’s certain to get you thinking. The Evidence of the Gods is illustrated with more than 150 beautiful photos (some never published before) compiled by Erich himself on his journeys around the globe in search of answers. Did cosmic Gods visit Earth thousands of years ago? Have we misinterpreted clear markings of their impact? We’ll leave you to study the evidence (and the photos) for yourselves, but believe Erich’s case or not this book is hugely engaging.

Evidence of the Gods is published on 30 November 2012.

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