Find comfort in Heavenly Hugs this Christmas

Heavenly HugsWe’ll soon be counting down to Christmas again, and although it’s one of the happiest times of years, for many it can be a difficult time when a loss weighs more heavily than usual. Heavenly Hugs is a warm, open collection of anecdotes supporting the belief in life after death that will help those missing someone to believe that they’re still close.

Set for release on 30 November, the book, by Carla Wils-Brandon, relays true stories and accounts of experiences with departed loved ones that will leave you in little doubt that death isn’t the end. Share the amazing experiences of bereaved relatives, healthcare professionals and the non-religious from all walks of life – and ponder the remarkable similarities between accounts of near death experiences over the centuries.

Heavenly Hugs includes historical visions and those from more recent times and it strives to prove what many of us already feel, that the souls of loved ones are never far away. Have you ever heard a tale of an inexplicable happening as somebody died? Or did you experience something yourself around the time of a much loved person’s passing? This book supports the idea that a loved one is escorted to the next world by a friendly face, and that no matter how alone those left behind may feel they’re never actually more than a little faith away.

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