Haunted Wiltshire by Sonia Smith

Haunted WiltshireAre you interested in all things unexplained- or the beautiful county of Wiltshire? Haunted Wiltshire is a spine-tingling look at some of the strangest stories to come out of Wiltshire. Sonia Smith was born and bred in the county and the book is the result of painstaking research in to many of the tales and rumours that circulate the area.

Find out the evidence that black magic was performed in the unassuming village of West Lavington, and wonder just who the tall, horned figure was that wandered the stones at Avebury Circle. The book explores a wide range of supernatural sightings and beliefs, ranging from vampires to chilling tales of the Black Death.

The beautiful countryside of Wiltshire will never seem quite the same, so prepare to be spooked throughout! Only released in October 2012, Haunted Wiltshire is one of the freshest ghost books published in recent times. It belongs to the brand new Haunted series by Amberley Publishing and is the perfect read for anybody with a curious nature.

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