The Paranormal Equation by James D Stein

Paranormal EquationWe’ve turned to science to explain all kinds of phenomena for centuries, and recent years have seen it accounting for more and more former mysteries. One thing science has never been particularly close to is the subject of the paranormal, but as The Paranormal Equation explains, recent years have seen that change.

Few believers in ghosts and phenomena such as communication with the dead have ever expected science to give the answers behind them, but many scientists have accepted the supernatural, and have studied it in depth. This forward-thinking book from James D Stein uses up-to-the-minute scientific findings to argue the case for supernatural phenomena. Stein takes his case further still, putting forward the case that the conditions of the universe generally accepted by scientists could not exist without the supernatural.

The Paranormal Equation asks how we can tell the difference between the unknown and the supernatural, the ways in which scientists have researched the supernatural and why we continue to believe in it. Find out how science is helping us to answer the big questions – without disproving supernatural beliefs that have been held for centuries. So, understanding science doesn’t always have to mean disbelieving the supernatural – and The Paranormal Equation is a must for the book list of any science fan curious about the unexplained.

Bibliographical Information

Publication Date: December 26, 2012
ISBN-10: 1601632282
ISBN-13: 978-1601632289
Edition: 1

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