The UFO Singularity – the modern approach to alien life

UFO SINGULARITYThe close of 2012 saw a book published that’s set to propel UFO theory into the future. What impact do the ideas about UFOs of yesteryear have on the world today? Is it time we changed the way we theorise and think about other life forms? How close is singularity? The UFO Singularity is a book certain to ignite a galaxy of new questions in its reader, and these are just some of them.

Micah Hanks leads a new generation of UFO enthusiasts on a journey packed with information, open mindedness and unexplored avenues. Hanks looks in detail at what we can learn about a superior intelligence from the history of UFOs and offers some advanced ideas about where the intelligence may have originated. Unafraid to suggest the previously unconsidered, Hanks is determined to look at the toughest metaphysical mysteries from every angle.

The book considers the role of science in the search for UFOs, as well as the likelihood of UFOs taking the form of humans and travelling through time. It may sound pretty bizarre, but Hanks has the information and research to get you thinking, and that’s what makes the book so addictive. Technology may have a part to play in the advancement of UFO studies, and Hanks investigates its possibilities, comparing them to the history of the human race. Hanks is a unique writer, unafraid to examine every aspect of UFOs and their place in the modern world with confidence, and he leaves no stone unturned in his reflection.

The book has been well-received by UFO fans and experts, with reviews such as “the future of flying saucer seeking is in good hands!” by Nick Redfern, the author of ‘The NASA Conspiracies’. Start the new year with a new way of thinking about a historic human mystery, and let Micah Hanks get you contemplating.

Bibliographical details

Publisher: The Career Press
Author: Micah Hanks
ISBN-10: 1601632401

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