Vampires…a Hollywood legend or something more?

We’ve all seen our fair share of vampires over the last few weeks, along with pumpkins, skeletons and every kind of monster…but one published doctor claims that vampires are actually very much in existence.

American VampiresLadies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce Doctor Bob Curran’s latest novel ‘American Vampires: Their True Bloody History from New York to California’. It may sound pretty unbelievable, but Dr Curran isn’t strictly speaking about the typical cloaked figures with large isolated castles as he rounds out his claims, he argues (with increasing believability) that they’re actually among us in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Leave your scepticism at the first page and roll with the non-fiction book as it outlines the differences between vampires according to region, the ways they cause harm and their behaviour. Follow Dr Curran on his journey through America and enjoy the refreshing honest with which he attempts to make sense of his beliefs and findings.

If you’re a fan of Twilight you’ll find his comparisons between Hollywood’s depiction of vampires and the actual entities, and the detailed descriptions of haunting make this book a toe-curling read no matter what your beliefs!

Don’t feel alarmed though, as the book offers hints on how to spot a vampire, their habits and how to kill them. Be warned though, it’s not quite as textbook as holding a clove of garlic and driving a wooden stake through them!

‘American Vampires: Their True Bloody History from New York to California’ was released on 22 October, and it makes just the evening reading material for the post-Halloween period.

American Vampires: Their True Bloody History From New York to California

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