Ka Gold Jewelry release new collection of wedding bands

Note from David:

“After many requests from customers I have decided to create a new wedding band section. Over the years many people from all over the world used my creations for their wedding ceremonies. It is actually a very pleasant surprise to receive the photos and thank you letters of couples from all over the world who choose my designs. They identify and grasp the full meaning and the symbolism. They take it as a fundamental basis and source of inspiration for their mutual journey.

“I have personally chose for this section the preferable wedding bands and I will also add exciting new designs over the course of time.

“I’m also glad to introduce these new designs which many of you have been waiting impatiently for us to put them on the website.”

Click on the images to see more.

Mobius Ring Gold

ka mobius wedding ring goldMobius Ring Silver

ka mobius wedding ring silver

Mobius Ring Gold with Diamonds

ka mobius wedding ring gold diamond

Mobius Ring Silver with Zircon

ka mobius wedding ring zircon

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